It had been a long time since we traveled anywhere out of Delhi because of my pregnancy. Though the idea of baby-moon was very much discussed and locations searched for, in the end, we decided against it for medical reasons (as I was on heavy medication for the most part of my pregnancy).  So, with the unforgiving summers upon us and an infant, we thought it would be best to take a trip out of the city & to the hills for a week. We picked Kasauli as it was perfect destination for a road trip from Delhi, with an infant and also off the usual list of hill stations. We spent a relaxing, soothing, rainy, foggy & windy 4 days in Kasauli (and 2 days in Chandigarh as pit stop) and came back refreshed!

Delhi to Kasauli takes approximately 6-8 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions. The route for road trip is very easy; one has to take NH 1 (or Grand Trunk road) from Delhi to Ambala and then take NH22 for Kasauli. The road condition is fairly good most part of the way. Since we had a baby along with us, we decided to break our journey for a day each while coming & going at Chandigarh. 

Itโ€™s best to  start early morning from Delhi as driving till the outer limit of Delhi takes around 2 hours and the later one starts, the more traffic one gets. We started off around 8 am and found the roads just starting to be filled with morning office traffic. By noon, we reached Murthal, which is famous for its road side Dhabas (Indian Food Joints) and had lunch at one of the most famous Gulshan Dhaba. The paranthas here were big, hot and dripping with white butter; the Lassi was chilled, fresh and very tasty.

We reached Ambala around 1 pm and instead of taking NH 22 from there, drove straight into Chandigarh. At Chandigarh, we stayed overnight at Himachal Bhawan. We found this state government run establishment to be efficient, clean and value for money. While in Chandigarh, we visited Sukhna lake, had dinner at Swagath and visited a Mall.

The next morning, we started off from Chandigarh and took the NH 22 (also called Himalayan Expressway). The drive along this route was fast & smooth and we totally loved the drive, especially when it started drizzling. 

We had breakfast at the hugely popular Timber trail with some nice views it always offers, though we did not like the buffet breakfast (itโ€™s Ala Carte meals are much better). After breakfast, we continued on NH 22 till Dharampur from where a state road leads to Kasauli.

As soon as we took the state road, the scenery changed (and so did the road condition!!) While the scenery around was lovely, with pine trees and hilly vistas, sadly the road was a bit too bumpy. Driving slowly, we reached Kasauli by 2 pm. We had pre booked rooms at Kasauli (at Ros Common Hotel) and  dumping our luggage there, enjoyed our first views of the hills around us.

The road trip from Delhi to Kasauli and back was a convenient drive. It is one road trip which I would recommend to people who are looking for travel destinations to take their children (or infants) out on a holiday from Delhi. This Delhi to Kasauli road trip can also be done on a long weekend.

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  1. Hi, thank you. Read your journey details, found it very useful. We are also planning to go to Kausauli same way as you had. Thanks for letting us know about the Himachal Bhavan in Chandigarh.

  2. Nice experience you have shared…..I am going to kasauli in 1st week of Dec 2017…by car with my wife and 2 yrs daughter…..

  3. I am seeing this a bit too late :). I am going there tomorrow for 4 days and we also have the same scenario as yours. A couple and an infant.
    However, I want to know what you did in Kasauli for 4 days? 2 in Chandigarh are pretty understandable but 4 in Kasauli?

    1. Dear Mr.Mrinal

      Thanks for your comment… We actually had the most relaxed time in Kasauli. As we stayed inside the heritage cantt area (which only has one hotel run by hptdc), the ambiance of this area was very calm.. We went for long walks further into the cantt, admired nature’s beauty, took our baby on the pram sometimes, went to the mall road & heritage bazar and spent time window shopping and shopping, Sat down in the evenings for chit chat… And watching the fog and clouds play..After the stress of giving birth and other activities, it was such a relaxing time for us…. Sometimes the best things to do on a vacation are these small things or even nothing… That’s the whole point of vacations I think.. The madness of Sight seeing is what separates tourists from travellers I believe ?

      1. Thank god you are so patient and calm headed, meri BV to kahin bhi tik’ti hi nahi ๐Ÿ˜€

        I am going to Chandigarh (1 day) and Kasauli (2.5 days) and back to Gurgaon by Saturday night.
        It’s my 1st bday with my baby girl tomorrow and we have not been anywhere since long now, so thought of taking some downtime all the hustle and bustle ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. How interesting. Am curious – is "Kasauli" pronounced as "Ka-sur-li"? It's because I've crossed the "Sunauli" border of north India going into Nepal and people pronounce it as "Su-nor-li". Sorry for the petty query, but the word pattern is similar and I'm curious if he pronunciation follows a similar pattern.

  5. This brought so many memories of my city chandigarh .. the weekend trips to kasauli

    and timber trail beautiful.. This time i went to india and saw the places and did you like the new bypass they have made from just before pinjore it is beautifulllllllllll


  6. I am missing home now. Your posts reminds me of all the places where I have spent my teenage and college years. Himachal Bhawan, Kasuali and the Delhi-Chandigarh highway, where I commuted the most.

    And hats off to you for travelling with an infant.

  7. I have been going to Kasauli since my child hood and have seen it change over the years. It was more green earlier and more quiet. But I still love it. And yes the view at Timber trail is always good .. not so much the food ๐Ÿ™‚


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