While taking stock of the various road trips I have taken and written about till now, I realized that I haven’t shared the ONE ROAD TRIP I DO MOST every year – Delhi to Haridwar (in Uttarakhand). In fact it would be incorrect to call it a road trip in my context, it’s more of a home to homecoming trip. We live in Delhi and have a second home in Haridwar, so easily take about 5-6 trips via road in our own self driven car, in a year. You would want to know why only via road (and not via train and/or via bus). Well, we tried other modes too but found that driving our own car via road to Haridwar is the best option, in terms of time taken, the amount of luggage we can carry and the number of pit stops we can take; in short, it’s absolute freedom. So sharing our experiences and tips for Road Trip from Delhi to Haridwar, for all those who want to make the journey via road.

Delhi to Haridwar  road distance is approximately 209 km and it takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours by road depending on the time of day one is exiting from Delhi.  The road route from Delhi to Haridwar is through NH 58 and passes through Ghaziabad, Modinagar, Meerut, Khatauli, Muzzafarnagar and Bahadarabad in Uttar Pradesh and then enters into Roorke &  Haridwar in Uttarakhand.

Image source: Google Maps

We always try to start from Delhi as early as we can in the morning as the incoming vehicular traffic from Ghaziabad & Meerut starts to congest the Delhi part of the highway (one time we left Delhi at 3 am and were home by 8:30 am at our Haridwar home for breakfast!!). The NH 58 is a well built tolled highway and driving on it is a real pleasure! We have had some of the most pleasurable moments on the road on this highway – driving in the rain with a slight drizzle;and almost zero traffic, in the winters or watching the sugarcane being cropped at both sides of the highway and jaggery being prepared.

But as all good things come to an end, this highway also does!! The highway, in its present form has been completely constructed only till Muzaffarnagar and post that, it can be quite a nightmare!! The highway construction was stalled for the last 10 years and has picked up recently and it’s a hellish ride.

The Highway from Muzaffarnagar to Haridwar is being constructed in pockets, so its very confusing for a driver, as the road suddenly becomes narrow and then wide and then narrow, also there are sudden diversion and not enough hazard markers, dividers and signs!! It’s quite adventurous (or dangerous depending on your perspective) to drive on this stretch. I recommend getting your tyres checked and filled with air and more importantly,  have a great set of tyres for your car (if you are driving your own). We have got CEAT Tyres on both our family cars and they havegiven us great service
and very reliable!!

Here are some images of the road construction I captured last time we drove to Haridwar.

There are lot of options for taking restroom breaks/food on NH 58, our personal favorite is McDonalds & Haldiram’s outlet at Khatauli Bypass. We like the ample space to park cars, clean restrooms and ofcourse friend comfort food is always a good thing on road trips!! If you are a shikanji fan, there is a famous shikanji shop – Jain shikanji at Modinagar (however, while travelling from delhi to haridwar, it falls on the opposite side of the road, so one has to either park on the other side and corss over or take a U turn).

The road condition improves as one enters Roorke. We love Roorke for the clean cantonement area and IIT Roorke. The town has a army cum academic vibe to it. From Roorke, it is around 1 hour drive to Haridwar city and if you are looking to stay in Old Haridwar, then its another half hour drive.

Me and Mr. Ronald Mcdonald posing for a pic during our pit stop at Khatauli Bypass Mcdonalds Drive Thru and Sit Down.

So here are the main tips for self driven cars on road trip from Delhi to Haridwar:-

1. Start Early from Delhi

2. Take a break at Khatauli bypass (there are many restaurnats/motels on this section inclduing McDonalds)

3. Be very cautious as you drive the stretch after Muzaffarnagar

4. Have your Car Tyres in excellent condition and choose a fine set of Tyres for the car (preferably CEAT)

The Delhi to Haridwar Road Trips is one of the easiest road trips one can do with family from Delhi/NCR. So if you are thinking about it, just go for it!!

‘I’m chronicling my road trip adventure for CEAT Tyres in association with BlogAdda.’

~ Happy Road Tripping ~

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  1. I am also a frequent traveller to haridwar, and rishikesh. Starting early in the morning is a good option but wont recommend in winters due to fog. I started 4am from Delhi when i was traveling last Dec. It was dense fog on the road and very very risky. I am driving again tomorrow to haridwar and basedon my experience from last year, i would start after sunrise.

  2. sir some members of the family who are coming from ABROAD and are visiting the country for the first time in there lives ….Can you let me know what are the conditions of the roads to the Har Ki Pauri … .Planning to travel in Middle of NOVEMBER ( about 7 of us )

  3. Haridwar alternate route

    it is not safe in dark hours, not even after 6 PM. Many planned robberies I know happened on this thin road with people in Scorpios and safaris. Moreover, the risk of jumping your car in the canal is always there is driving at 60+ speed.

    Advice –
    I have used alternate route many time but I do NOT suggest this to anyone. road conditions is not good & forest road & narrow road. It is risky & planned robberies route. Never use this route after 5pm.

    Robbers & Risky Route –
    Haridwar – Najibabad – Bijnaur – Mirapur – Mawana – Meerut – Delhi
    Distance covered – 242 kms
    Time – 4hours

    Always use national highway 58. Best route.

    Route – Delhi – Muradnagar – Modinagar – Meerut – Muzzafarnagar – Roorkee – Haridwar

    Distance covered – 221 kms
    Time – 5hours

  4. we had an outing to haridwar just last month.. seems like a busy route and fav for delhites.. id suggest to try a late night journey..like start around 12am n reach by 5-6am depending upon ur stops.. its quite fun
    roads r full of line hotels, open throughout night.. college kids, working class, families, foreigners all can be spotted en route..
    roads could definitely be better spl around roorkee n haridwar whr jams r frequent ( n roads under construction)



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