Delhi in rains!!!!!

Rains can either bring the best or worst in you…you can either hate it or simply love it…. I LOVE RAINS !!!!! and I find Delhi most beautiful in the rains….a simple walk in Lodhi gardens becomes a discovery into the wild….birds of different kind peering through trees…listen to their chirping and see them hopping from one tree to other….lush green trees inviting you to sit under them…and the fragrance of flowers…..every corner you turn….there’s a different fragrance….inviting and fascinating… you walk see squirrels crossing your path..running for their lives..too busy even to see the beauty around them….India Gate in the rains….its amazing….you feel like to soak up the rains….and run wild …fly like a bird…….and touch the sky!!!!! the open green lawns invite you and make your heart soar ………but the best place to be in the rains in delhi is your terrace..just go up your terrace and stand on the highest point….and enjoy the rains…drops raining down on you and soaking you up…..and feel the wind…….my best memories with my brother have been us getting drenched in the rains on our terrace and dancing wildly like a pair of monkeys gone berserk!!!!! Any part of the world im in…I will always remember Delhi rains with pride and nostalgia…….i haven’t been to a lot of places..but im sure Delhi rains are the best!!!!!

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  1. Mesmerizing Delhi rains: the gushing streams on mortar, kids dancing on terrace (like you 🙂 ) or in the streets, fresh green everywhere. That is when you get to know the meaning of the word "drench". I miss you Dilli ki baarish.

  2. Delhi and rains–the connection does not come to me naturally but your post brings it forward nicely…ok from now on I will also look forward to visiting Delhi in rains:)

  3. Delhi rains …reading at this hour i went deep down the memory lane..too many fading memories …20 years …u feel the city once you r out…I hate Pune rains rather drizzle but somehow liked Mumbai ones esp at sea face (worli)


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