Kolkata means holidays, both in my memories and in my perspective..it is the place me and my sibling have been going to since our childhood on summer holidays, winter holidays, festive holidays and all kindsa holidays our parents could think of to take us to their native state – West Bengal.
while coming back from Andamans, i had the oppurtunity to be in this delightful city for a few days and this time, i wanted to experience the city in a new way, so that it did not feel as i was coming here again…

Fortunately, my aunt(who’s so younger than me that she could be my neice!!!) was so super excited on meeting me after a long time(i guess 5 years!!!) that she immediately planned a day with me and for me……
we started in the morning and after travelling on Kolkata Metro and the Kolkata Local Train(both of which are an experience in itself, in a nice way that is!!) ,
we dropped off first at Esplanade, which is in the heart of Kolkata city and is a delightful heritage block ..it is full of narrow streets, buildings and shops lining the street with cheap but fancy bags, shoes, jewelery, knick knacks, etc etc….everything one can conceive of to buy is available here……there are even some branded stores here which sell the same stuff at lower rates as they are factory outlets..we had a delightful time just bargaining for stuff we did not intend to buy!! :))….lingering in the bylanes of Esplanade, we bumped into an open air weeklong haat festival that was going on…..it was nice checking out stuff there too…

after we got bored of that, my aunt suggested we visit Cathedral Church nearby; I had never visited this place and so was interested to check it out.
The Cathedral Church turned out to be a grand building standing proudly as a reminiscent of the last 2 centuries when Kolkata was capital of India under the British rule. the architecture of the church was grandiose and gothic and roaming inside it, I felt transported to a bygone era.
Cathedral Church

Me & Aunt posing in Cathedral Church Premises 😛

After the church, we strolled into Nandan, which is the focal point of Fine Arts & Crafts in Kolkata; plays, musical recitals, orations etc etc are held here on daily basis, however, at the same a play was being staged which did not hold both our interest so we scooted off from there..but it was nice to see so many people from different walks being so interested in Fine Arts, the place was packed even more than a movie theater!!

Soon, it was nearing sundown and we thought the best way to experience was go to an open ground, so we hung about a nice park nearby and caught up on our last 5 years through sunset!!
me posing in the park..lols

So the day almost come to an end, but not before i gave a treat my lovely aunt for such a nice day!1…
So we headed off to Park Street, the best locale in Kolkata to wine,dine and party!!
We headed to Flurry’s, an institution in itself as far as tea rooms go!!….
“Flurys the legendary tearoom on fashionable Park Street in Kolkata was founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs J Flurys. Presenting fine European traditional confections, it is the popular meeting place for all ages. “

It was also another place I had never been to…and it was such a delightful old place… knowledgeable waiters in clipped english accents attended to us and we spent the rest of the evening with good old darjeeling tea & some snacks before heading our homes!!

Aunty & Me posing inside Flurys

And that was my delightful day in kolkata ~~~

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  1. Oma……I have only read about Flury's in shuneel Ganguli's books….never thought I would be able to see even photos of it. Thank you so much. I am finding your blog really fascinating. Brings back so many memories.

    I hope you don't mind that I was so late in getting back to you. I try my best but sometimes….comments just pile up…..but I always get back sooner or later. 🙂

    Hope we can stay in touch.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – Personal style & inspiration blog from Toronto, Canada

  2. @polka princess – im a delhite, born and brought up in delhi, got married and till recently was staying there…
    but right now im in transition…coz of personal and professional reasons…right now im in Kolkata for work related stuff and would be staying there for some time.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day in Kolkata……all the places you made stops at are some of my favorite hunts in the city too!! 🙂

    When did you come by the way? And where do you actually stay?

  4. Hi Star! Sorry for the absence…
    This looks a great fun trip…

    Well, it seems that Egypt is becoming a risky place to visit these days. So, let’s move and get to the other side of the Mediterranean: Côte d’Azur… Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  5. does ur t-shirt have a japan-flag? n the jean shirt is from bkk (from our last trip), not sure where we can direct you to… sorry! and kolkata is such an all man's city, love it!


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