Cubbon Park is the ‘green lung’ of Bangalore (or as it is now officially called Bengaluru) city, Karnataka (India). Located in the bang middle of the city, it is aboth a heritage and natural landmark. For me as a traveler to the city, looking from my hotel window,  this park held  extra special curiosity value as I totally love Lodhi Garden (back in my city Delhi) and this park totally reminded me of Lodhi Garden. So over the weekend, I took full advantage of my official travel in the city and walked around Cubbon Park.
Sharing some images and experiences from my walks in Cubbon Park.

The Cubbon Park is lush green and has many varieties of flora, being under the jurisdiction of horticulture department of the City Municipality. I loved walking around the paths.

There were many people out in the park doing their thing, like photographers, clicking from all sorts of angles (and me clicking them!!)
I happened to catch up on a Run being organized there and it was hearty to see large crwds of people from all walks of life taking part.

There was even a dance performance going on so early in the morning!!!

I walked around the park and spotted some heritage buildings which are adjacent to the park.

Finally, it was a pleasure resting on the benches and taking a good view of the sky above. This is how it looked like 🙂
If you are in Bangalore, do make time for a morning walk in Cubbon Park.

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