Christ Church in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh (India) is a heritage church, reputed to be one of the oldest churches in India. It is located in the heritage part of Kasauli town and I visited it on a Sunday. The church is a fine example of British Colonial architecture and is a photographer’s delight.

The Christ Church is the prime building in the centre of the heritage area of Kasauli town and as one enters the main town, this is the first building which comes to view (so you can’t miss it in any way if you visit Kasauli). This church was previously an Anglican church and was inaugurated in the year 1853, which makes it around.

The church is open only on Sundays for visitors, and I knew this fact as I visited it on a Sunday, during my last trip to Kasauli (in 2006). So, this time when I reached Kasauli on a Sunday, the first thing I did was to take my camera and make a dash for this church. Unlike last time, the church was very crowded, mostly with tourists who were either clicking themselves in front of the church or various angles of the church. 

The church has beautiful Spanish & Italian stained glass windows and furniture from England, however, photography is not allowed here inside the church premises anymore (which is a good thing because otherwise tourists would just overrun the place). Luckily, I had taken a shot of the church interior during my last visit and below image is how the church looks from inside

The church has been preserved exceedingly well and it is a delight for a photographer. I took a couple of shots from various angles. 

However, unlike last time, my hope to spend a couple of quiet moments in the church premises was dashed royally with so many tourists around. If you visit Kasauli, this church is one of the landmark buildings to visit and I hope you get a less crowded welcome than I did on my trip.

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  1. One of those churches that still stand from the British era. Will make it a point to visit this church when I am there. Always admired our great great forefathers when I see things like the sun dial.

  2. Good snaps.

    Isn't the last one a sun-dial? In the quadrangle of Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, Odisha, where I had studied, there was a similar sun-dial where we could see the time of the day by looking at the shadow which moved with the movement of the sun.


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