I love south Indian cuisine and it’s been a favorite since my childhood.  Unfortunately, the only truly authentic south Indian food I have ever had in Delhi/NCR  all this while has been either at my south Indian friends’ homes or what my Mum makes. But I can now happily add Chennai Pavilion at Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon) as the place to have authentic south Indian food.

Photo Courtesy: PR, Kingdom of Dreams

Me and the husband had the most wonderful and yummilicious south Indian lunch last weekend at Chennai pavilion. We loved the décor of the restaurant, which has been done up typical Chettinad style. The staff warmly greeted us and the Chef Satish Kumar explained that they have tried to incorporate some very different dishes in the menu for this restaurant and most importantly they aim to serve homemade style food to the patrons.

About Chef Satish Kumar – Having an experience of 12 Years in South Indian Cuisine, He started the journey of cooking from Taj Coramandal, Chennai and currently is with Kingdom of Dreams, Delhi NCR. He has been associated with brands like – Taj Coramandal, Meridian, ITC and Hamilton Group for a more than a decade. Experimenting every day on cooking savvy skills, he has learned to invent new tastes and flavors from the basic spices and condiments of South India Modulating and maneuvering the dishes keeping in mind the specialties and interests of  the  domain being cooked.

We decided to go by the Chef’s recommendations for the whole lunch. We were first served   Tomato Rasam with Appalam. The rasam was spiced well with all the different flavors coming together nicely; totally made me remember those awesome rasams I have had at my friends’ homes and so refreshingly different from the too sour rasams (overloaded with either tomato or Imli) served usually at restaurants in Delhi.

For the rest of the meal, we were served the following:- 

  • Neer Moru – Loved the cool spicy buttermilk; it was refreshing.
  • Erachi Sukka Varuval – Husband liked the perfect combination of spices, yet not so spicy feel of this dry fry.
  • Kalan Masala Dosa –The hubby loved this dosa, especially the mushroom filling.
  • Palkatti Pathani Korma – The husband totally loved the texture of the mutton and the spicing.
  • Masala Dosa – I totally loved the potato filling of the dosa which was different from run of the mill.
  • Kerai Pondu Misiyal – This was one dish we totally fell in love with!! The Made with spinach and lentils, this dish was the rockstar of our lunch. The flavors of the spinach and the lentils combined beautifully. Also the minimal (but perfect) spicing made this
    a divine experience.
  • Kozhi Chettinad – The husband loved this chicken gravy dish.
  • Laccha Parantha – This was Crispy yet soft and made for nice accompaniment to the curries.

In the desserts, we had Semiya Payasam which was totally awesome and mildly sweetened (just as I like my dessert to be) and Rawa Kesari which had a lovely texture silky texture.

Overall, we loved the fact that each dish tasted as if made right at a South Indian home. If you want to have a taste of authentic south Indian food, I am totally recommending the Chennai pavilion at Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams.

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