Parthasarthy rock, JNU ~ my favourite places in delhi[#5]

Parthsarthy Rock, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi ~ View from a Vantage Point photo courtesy: Google Images In my opinion, its one of the best kept secrets of Delhi!!…..this is Parthasarathy rock & open air auditorium in Jawaharlal Nerhu University (popularly called only JNU) Campus. What exactly is this place…well, JNU has been established on […]

Dilli Haat ~ my favourite places in delhi[#4]

the lovely winter sun shining, lots of colors all around, lovely aromas and tastes of different foods and lots of nice things to buy…if one gets to enjoy all these at the same place, what could one want more???!! all this and more can be enjoyed at Dilli Haat, a unique initiave of various NGO’s […]

Delhi National Zoological Park ~ visit to relive childhood

When was the last time you went visiting the zoo??? well, i for one have only one hazy memory of it in the childhood……but have been there quite a few times during my college years the delhi zoo, or the national zoological park of delhi is located close to my college and our quirky group […]

Lodhi Garden ~ my favourite places in delhi[#3]

This is my feet, as I am standing on one of my most cherished places….the lodhi gardens I love lodhi gardens, not like love as in loving a thing ..but love it as an entity!!! I have written on this place before also and maybe would do so in future….but this is about my […]

India Habitat Centre ~ my favourite places in delhi[#2]

Sometimes at the end of a hard day at work, i just feel like having some fresh air, nice scenery, sitting quietly in a corner and having a cup of coffee or just gazing at some great art….all without having to go to great distances..and the place which instantly gives me all these at one […]

India Gate ~ my favourite places in delhi [#1]

Being born and brought up in delhi…..i have seen this city change, adapt, beautify, uglify and most of all transform with the times…it is so much a part of me as i am a part of it…. there are places which only delhi can have and then there are places that i just cannot do […]

Lodhi Garden ~ the healing garden

Lodhi garden…my healer, my friend and my advisor…surprised!!!… read on.. Lodhi Garden is a little green oasis in the heart of Delhi. It is situated between Khan Market and Safdarjang’s Tomb on Lodhi Road. It is not only a garden but also an important historic site..housing tombs and other structures from the Lodhi and Sayyed […]

Delhi in rains!!!!!

Rains can either bring the best or worst in you…you can either hate it or simply love it…. I LOVE RAINS !!!!! and I find Delhi most beautiful in the rains….a simple walk in Lodhi gardens becomes a discovery into the wild….birds of different kind peering through trees…listen to their chirping and see them hopping […]


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