The Rajgir hills, in Nalanda District of Bihar, located near the city of Rajgir are an important Buddhist, Hindu and Jain pilgrimage site. I visited the Rajgir hills region on my work trip in rural Bihar and while I did not have time to visit all the religious attractions/pilgrimage sites this time around, I was able to visit the Brahma Kund in Rajgir.

Brahma Kund Rajgir, Bihar

The Brahma Kund in Rajgir, Bihar is one of several sacred sites throughout India of the same name. It is said that hot water from seven different springs (together called Saptarshi, or seven sages) merge and the water flowing from the ‘kund’ is associated with healing power, likely due to the sulfur in the hot springs.

We visited the Brahma kund after a long tiring day of work in Nalanda district and after depositing our shoes at a designated place, we entered the outer area, where we saw many people sitting beneath smaller fountains in a row. We were told that this was the water piped from the kund and many people come here to bathe for healing their ailments.

Brahma Kund Rajgir, Bihar
Pilgrims taking bath in the fountains – Brahma Kund, Rajgir, Bihar
Row of fountains for bathing, Brahma Kund, Rajgir, Bihar


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Then we took the stairs into the kund, which was really a small square pond. There were couple of people bathing in the pond and even before I could step in, I noticed a sign which laid out the rules of do’s and don’t’s in the kund.

The kund water was warm and my feet immediately felt relaxed. After a minute, my whole body felt relaxed. I actually felt the benefits of the healing kund.

Rules for using the Brahma Kund
Visitors bathing in the Brahma Kund
Brahma Kund – the main kund

We spent around 15 minutes total at Brahma Kund and though it is not a major tourist attraction in Rajgir, it is recommended for a healing & relaxing experience for the body if in the region.

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    1. Once you visit rajgir. I hope you will enjoy more n more. It’s an international & interesting historical place. It’s history is related with lord Krishna time…

      Here all religions people visit. All are warm welcome by me and all citizens of rajgir.

      Thanks & good regards
      Vikas Chandra


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