When i visited rishikesh and hariwdar many years back(i was a curious eyed kid of 10)..i never thought i’d get married to some one belonging from the place and have in-laws place in this region….well, it did happen!!….
Rishikesh was etched in my childhood memories as a magical,mystical place….
this time around, when me and husband decided to visit his folks in haridwar,we also planned on visiting rishikesh and deprayag…


it was a wonderful trip…..but a lot of things had changed….and the magical place was magical no more…though it as mystical and vibrant as ever


We hired a cab to take us to devprayag..which is a 3 hour trip from haridwar…..the views while driving up are amazing….and scary times as its a steep incline!!
devprayag is the confluence of two himalyan rivers bhagirathi and alaknanda which meet to form ganga..and it hold tremendous religious significance for hindus….

we had a bath at the confluence..and my husband joked that now we have washed off of all our previous sins and so ready to commit new ones!!

we drove down to rishikesh from devprayag…on the way we came across many people engaged in white water rafting on the ganga..(i think ill try it next time!!!)
rishikesh has changed..dramatically,though there are the same hippies and white trash people, the same nmerous black faced monkeys and cows…but it has commercalised so much…shops & shops hardselling exotic india and hinduism!!!

there are even yoga and massage parlour!!!…and most amazingly..an italian cafe serving all types of european food…


as we sat in the italian cafe overlooking ganga river,i couldnt help thinking..how time changes everything…


we also visited har ki paudi and ramdev baba’s patanjali yog pith,a yoga and therapy center, while we were there…i liked patanjali yog pith very much…it is well designed and well kept place,much better than our hospitals…the flowers blooming there were amazing!!!……
I think we should never go back to places we visited back in chidhood,especially ones we have special feelings about,blast from past is never the same thing!!!

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  1. Lovely pictures Shooting star ! i lost all of mine, can’t find one, all in slides, big mess now. i remember spending a day at Rudrapryag, some 30 years ago. i was coughing like mad in Rishikesh, Lakshman jhoola ?? memory is fading. Your pictures are inspiring me to go there again.
    Where is the ferocious river Paarvati ? Have done lot of treks in the Himalayas.

  2. Hi Shooting Star! Sorry for having taken so long to get back here again. Another hectic week…
    Magical no more? Probably magic is on the eyes that look…
    Great pictures!
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, still in Santiago de Compostela, now inside the Cathedral… Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi,SS..I’m sure I commented earlier,but,I don’t see my comment!(Perhaps I’m getting forgetful!!)Lovely pics-hope to visit both Rishikesh and Haridwar someday…and,LOL at your hubby’s comment(Now that the sins are washed off,new ones can be committed).So,did you begin?:)

  4. Oh, thank you for a well timed post. I shall be passing by Rishikesh and Devprayag on my way to VoF this year. These beautiful pictures make me long for the trip to these beautiful Himalayan regions all the more.:)

  5. wonderful pics!!!
    and its kinda true wen we do go back to places of which we have an enchanted memory the senses can come in for a shock…

  6. Whow…what beauty!!! you are such a lucky soul….I simply love the beauty of the green waters of the place…& also all your lovely flowers shots including your previous flower post…& not to forget the shot of the birds…thats simply an excellently captured shot…superb!


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