I had heard about Bir-Billing (in Himachal Pradesh) much before I visited Palampur on invite by HimachalHeritage Village and only realized that it was close to the Palampur town after I reached there. Bir-Billing is world famous for adventure tourism, especially para-gliding. In fact, Bir-billing is counted among the ‘top paragliding sites in the world’ and that is what all I knew about Bir-Billing. On a day trip into this lovely village, I discovered Bir-Billing is much more! Sharing my Bir-Billing photo-story here:-

Bir is a quaint village in west of Joginder Nagar valley in Himachal Pradesh, around an hour ‘s drive from Palampur. It is home to Tibetan refugees, as a result the village is dotted with monasteries. We visited 4 monasteries and got to know there were a total of 6-7 monasteries in and around Bir area. The most famous is the Paplung Sherabling Monastery. The people here are friendly, peaceful and have a certain joi-de-vivre as they go around their daily life. In fact, I never saw so many happy & smiling faces anywhere as I did in Palampur and Bir-Billing (see my post here)!

Of course, since we were in Bir-Billing, we had to try paragliding and I did; it was a fantastic experience and I will write a separate post on it!!

Bir-Billing reminded me of innocent & happy times I spent in my Dad’s ancestral village and I would
definitely go back to Bir-Billing for paragliding!

~Happy Travels~

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