Best Souvenirs to buy in Jordan | Shopping Guide for Travellers in Jordan

One of the main components of my self-planned Jordan trip was also researching on ‘what are the best souvenirs to pick up in Jordan ?’ during the trip. I found that Jordan, being located in the interesting middle-east region as well having a rich mix of cultural Arab-Biblical heritage, had many things to offer in terms of handicrafts, souvenirs & other items for the dedicated ‘shopping’ traveller.

Here is the list the top souvenirs I picked up in Jordan and why they are unique.

Skin Products from the Dead Sea – The Dead Sea is renowned for its salt content and dead sea mud for its therapeutic properties. One of the must do things for travellers to Jordan is floating in Dead Sea (as the salt content prevents anything in it to drown). The Dead Sea mud is definitely special as my skin felt super soft & smooth for 2 days after I took the famed ‘Dead Sea’ bath after applying the mud. So I wasted no time in buying loads of Dead Sea skin products on my Jordan travel; there are many big & small skin care brands in Jordan selling Dead Sea sourced skin care products but the renowned ones are – Rivage, Dead Sea Treasures & Levant. 

Pro-Tip for buying Dead Sea skin care products in Jordan: The airport duty free has a big counter selling Rivage brand skincare products at 15% reduced prices. So please skin test out the products you want at boutiques during the travel but better buy from the Airport Duty Free.

Sand Art in a bottle – This is one of the most popular souvenirs in Jordan and are available at majority of the tourist attractions. However, the real treat is to watch artists make it in from scratch in front of you and customise it according to your preference. We spotted a local artist while strolling in Aqaba downtown market and it was fun watching him make our customised sand art bottles.


Handwoven Art work rugs & carpets – While there are many different kinds of beautiful handwoven rugs (such as Bedouin motif ones) in Jordan, we picked up handwoven ones in smaller sizes various depicting typical desert scenery from Wadi Al Mujib. The shopkeeper was quite interesting too and posed with us. Back home, I have actually framed a mid size scenic rug as a wall art in my home. The smallest size ones made for unique gifts for family & friends.

Mosaic and Hand painted Ceramic Work – Jordan has a rich tradition of hand painted ceramic work as well as mosaic work. The mosaic works are created by arranging tiny pieces of stones and the practice dates back to the Biblical era, with evidence of many historical/archaeological sites related to Moses having the mosaic works. The Mosaic works are available everywhere in Jordan, but Madaba is the best place to pick it up as this area is associated with Biblical heritage sites. We spotted many small workshops in Madaba making these Mosaic pawork pieces. The Ceramic work is also available all over Jordan and personally,  though I didn’t find the ceramic works in Jordan as beautiful as the ones I found in Uzbekistan on my solo trip, there were some pretty pieces I spotted. Finally, I got 3 small pieces from Jordan – a wall plates (one mosaic work and one ceramic work) and a hand-painted hamsa wall hanging.

Silver & Tribal Jewellery – Interesting silver & semi-precious jewellery can be found at all the major tourist attractions, notably at Petra. However, please be aware of pricing as it shoots up near the popular attractions. There are a lot of Turkish silver jewellery also available. I picked up couple of Bedouin silver bracelets, earrings & incense stick holders from local Bedouin shopkeepers at Petra.

Pro-Tip for buying jewellery – There are many Bedouin shops selling ‘bedouin’ silver jewelry, which is nothing else than sterling silver. So if any Bedouin shopkeeper mentions it’s Bedouin silver, don’t get confused! Also, while in petra, prices of items shoot up near the Treasury so if you want to strike a bargain, please buy from the shops nearer to the Monastery area; you will get same stuff at much cheaper rates.


Keffiyeh  –  The  red and white(sometimes black and white) scarf  tied in a typical fashion can be seen on many heads all through Jordan, especially on bedouins and is a perfect souvenir to pick. The keffiyehs are available at most shops in Jordan but the real trick is to learn to tie it up from a local.

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Fridge Magnets – Ofcourse, Jordan being a country thriving on tourism has on offer types of innumerable fridge magnets at all the tourist attraction sites. I bought many interesting ones and gifted to many of my friends and family.

In addition to the above souvenirs, here are some other interesting items I saw in Jordan which may be interesting to travellers:

Spices  – There are many interesting spices available in Jordan, especially in Amman. However, coming from a spice rich country myself (India), I didn’t pick up any! For a western traveller though, spices can make for an interesting item to collect in Jordan

Indiana Jones Adventurer Hat – Of course the cult Indiana Jones movie made Petra famous worldwide and the Indiana Jones Hat is available on sale at most tourist attraction in Jordan. Consider buying it as a souvenir if you or your friends/family are Indiana Jones Fan!

Kajal or Kohl – The Bedouins wear Kohl heavily (both men and women) and it can be purchased from the Bedouins or at many tourist shops in Jordan.

Bedouin Dresses – The Bedouin women usually wear long gowns in black, grey or brown with embroidery. These dresses are available on sale all through Jordan, from Bedouin shops at Petra to high-end souvenir shops.

Old Iraqi  Currency Notes & Coins  – I found Iraqi notes and coins being sold as souvenirs at some of the tourist shops. Although I didn’t buy them, these make for unique gifts for the currency collector, especially because these notes are now mostly defunct (having Saddam Hussein on the currency notes) and of vintage value to the collectors.

Inlay Work – I spotted Inlay Work furniture at some of the shops in Amman downtown market, but not sure how these can be carried back. However, they do make for cute souvenirs if one can arrange to take back.

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