Of late, lot of movies on the life of young NRIs, their confusions and desires have been made ..i have watched a couple of them, some are good, some are boring and then some are very over the top but it got me thinking about my belonging..about my sense of attachment…see im a bengali but born and brought up in delhi…all my life I have been accustomed to the sights and lifestyle of Delhi…though at times I feel angry ,outraged and disgusted by certain characteristics of this city…..As a child, my parents in their confusion about the kind of “values” they wanted to instill in me sent me to a bengali medium school which was ironic coz the kind of locality I lived in everyone used to go to public schools..it became a peculiar situation for the kind of kids I used to study with dint live in my locality and the kids who did live and I played with dint go to the same school….it brought a certain sense of duality in me…a kind of switch on switch off thing…at school I’d be a different person discussing different things and in the evening I’d have to switch on to being a different person. During summer holidays, mom took us to Kolkata..or more precisely West Bengal…..to our ancestral village, life would be completely different for us for 2 months….not necessarily bad..in fact it was quite nice for us to experience the other side of how people live in villages. But again it somehow made us confused about our belonging…thankfully my parents got me changed to a public school at the right time..it cleared up a lot of things for me…I began to see my situation as it really was……and not the melodramatic one my parents made it out to be……And now that I watch these movie, I see a bit of my life in them…of trying hard to belong to a certain group, of trying to clear misconceptions about my state and culture, of trying to achieve a balance between my culture and values and the city’s and most of all trying to love the place im living my life in …knowing in my heart its not the best place in the world…but its my home and its special ..with all its ugliness and all its beauty….BEAUTY??? Lots of people might ask where’s beauty in delhi…for that one ill write in another post

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  1. interesting blog an unfinished life .. hmm gud to see , when I am at one of the critical point of my life. hope to read more of u , as I get access to internet full tym as, I am travelling.


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