I  love the laid back feel of beach holidays, more so after marriage as it gives both of us time to sit back & relax.
Had a wonderful beach holiday in December 2010/January 2011 at Andaman & Nicobar Islands and I totally lived it up!!!
And on a beach holiday, i dress totally beach appropriate!!…here’s my various looks of the Andamans trip!!
hope you guys like them too!!

Asymmetrical top: Benetton
Linen Shorts: FabIndia
Hat: Local beachside shop at Bali

Ruffle Top: Arrow
White Jeans: Levi’s
I wore the above on the day of city tour(Port Blair)

Sleeve less Top: Anokhi
Skirt: FabIndia

Loose Top: Benetton
Pedalpushers: Levi’s
Top: Benetton
Pedalpushers: Levi’s 

Spaghetti top: Benetton
Pedalpushers: Levi’s
And most importantly, a beach holiday cannot be one without swimwear, right!!
I wore a single piece swimsuit from Reebok…i don’t have the confidence to wear a two piece!!!

Last but not the least, the most essential accessories on a beach holiday…flip flops and a beach bag..
here are mine!!!!
I wore peace sign flip flops bought from Westside and Huge Nimbu Mirchi Tote from Jhola Co.(btw you guys should check out this brand, real gud totes!!)

P.S. You can also have look at what i wore on my beach holiday in Bali here.

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  2. Hey! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog 🙂 Am glad you did coz I hv loved browsing thru ur posts! Love the eclectic mix of fashion, anecdotes, memories and everything in between… keep going girl!

  3. Hey, in response to your question, it's actually a park in north Delhi. Around the ridge road. 🙂

    And, I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to go for a beach holiday but it just never happens!

  4. Oh beach holidays are the best thing ever!!!!! Love your looks all so beach appropriate. Love the second pic it looks like those two guys are props for your picture :)))) I of course love love love the Fab skirt and Anokhi top look the best. Those peace sign flips flops are toooo cute and I really like Jhola and Co, really funky totes.


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