Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state and has been rated as one of the most livable cities not only in India but in South Asia. It is vibrant, cosmopolitan and very green. I have been to this city twice before, around a decade back (okay that makes me feel a bit old!!) and as part of my work trip to Karnataka, the final leg of my tour had me staying in this garden city for almost a week.

My third time in the city and I found so much change, yet it was same in many ways as I remembered. Had a lovely time and sharing with you my third impressions of Bangalore!!

My best experience was meeting up with fellow blogger and now good friend Krithi. We had met up last in my city Delhi, but for a short duration and it was totally wonderful meeting her for longer durations this time around. We did what we both love, shop and talk – about our common loves fashion & travel J

She also took me a brewery and pub, which I really liked. Bangalore is famous for breweries and this is something a traveler cannot find in every city of India, so when in Bangalore do make sure you visit one!!!

A decade is a long time and many changes have happened in the city since I last visited. One of the better changes was the Namma Metro, the city metro which has eased off urban transport pressures for the Bangaloreans. One of the previous firms I worked with was actually involved in the design of the metro, so it was pretty interesting for me to see it operational. The other good change was the big malls! The UB Mall was the only one I visited, but it was a luxury Mall and I totally went crazy checking out luxury products and buying

But I was happy that the essence of Bangalore as a city still remained same, it has the same young, vibrant and cosmopolitan buzz. The people are helpful and smiling and yes, it’s still very green!

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