My nerves were stretched to the limit with with work stress, both me & the husband’s bodies half frozen in the Delhi winters and so we were perfectly ready for a sunny beach holiday!!! but where to go???? I absolutely wanted to go to some place which was totally unfamiliar, which would take me out of my usual routine…so after much deliberation on 3 equally good locations(Mauritius, Maldives and Bali)….we settled on the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia.

Bali is one of major islands forming the nation of Indonesia, it is known for its sun & sand, wonderful culture & arts and is a major tourist attraction for Europeans!!!
So we took off on a a rather foggy night in delhi for 11 hour flight, which also meant transit at the beautifully done Kuala Lumpur Airport…
A word on KL Airport, its totally fab…not only its beautifully constructed, its well managed too!!…..
Hindu Mythology gods on the roundabouts of Bali, Indonesia
The first view of bali from the aeroplane was enough to wash out my frown lines…it was all sea & coconut trees and looked oh! so inviting~!! and the first feeling as we put our feet on the airport..was wow man its bloody nice weather….we had to immediately take off our sweaters and we gladly did so!!!!
Our tour guide met us at the airport and took us to our resort….he was a very friendly and courteous man…..infact all the people in bali are friendly & courteous!!….
He told us the basic facts about the place, gave us some very good tips on keeping our tummies in check while we were there a after discussions on some pre arranged tour plans left us to rest!!!


The Resort, it was perfect..near to the beach, had a lot of greenery, a big pool with bar and a Spa…!!

Our Resort in Bali, Indonesia
Our Beach front resort in Nusa Dua, Bali

One of my favourite activities whilst there was to have a dip in the pool and then laze down in the pool chair gazing at the sea…
the sea was calm and the waves were gentle, it made for very good views all day long, with scenery changing from morning till evening……when not by the pool, i used to be at the beach walking down the sands and collecting sea shells….

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Lazing by the pool was so much fun
Nusa Dua beach, Bali
Beach bummin!
Nusa dua beach

Balinese people are predominantly hindu, though they follow a more vedic form, with the three basic gods of brahma vishnu & shiv being their only deities…and ramayana & Mahabharata playing a major part in their cultural life.
While in Bali we visited some very beautiful temples, had sumptuous balinese & sea food, tried some snorkeling (it was a flat failure with my hubby as he was way too scared) and a rockking nightlife(yeah!! bali has a quite a few rockking nigh spots!!)…i could go on and on describing each and everything but that would make the blog way too long!!!!…..

so, i will let the pics do most of the talking…

Batik work in a workshop

Hindu temples in Bali
Balinese food was amazing!! even for vegtarians

however, there was this special place ..called ulu watu….it was simply amazing…situated on west coast of the island, it has some amazing views of the indian ocean from rocky cliffs…we went there on our last evening in bali…it was an amazing experience to watch the waves crash on the rocky cliffs, visit the wonderful ulu watu temple set on the edgy of a cliff and then watch kechak dance performance on an open air theater set adjacent the cliffs, while the sun set on the other side while the strong ocean winds refreshed us!!!….

Ulu Watu in Bali

There is only one word to describe the was totally bali-nicious!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Star! Sorry for another long absence, but after a busy start of the year I decided to make a break during the Carnival week, anticipating new hard weeks ahead!!

    Gorgeous pictures!! I'm sure you had a great time… Actually, my first Blogtrotter started after my 2005 trip to Bali. Great memories… 😉

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is in Haiti. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  2. you're doing. love the Bali pics…esp the one with the boats and the blue and gold sky. been a while since i visited here. soorry about that. lost the link :(. will add it today so that i visit a little bit more often 🙂


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