Bali in Indonesia is of the most popular destination for snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. A fact we did not know much when we booked a trip to this wonderful island. Me and the husband spent one amazing week in Bali 3 years ago and the highlight of the trip was our first experience of snorkeling in the deep blue sea, at a time when neither of us knew how to swim!!!

It was on the third day of our holiday in Bali, that we decided to take the plunge, having been toying with the idea and listening to other travelers’ account on how beautiful the coral reefs are at Nusa Dua area of Bali.

We did not know swimming and we were definitely apprehensive, our guide explained to us meticulously that it was not a deterrent and lifejackets would not let us drown even if we wanted to!!!

So, we booked our session early morning and arrived at the snorkeling & Scuba Diving Operator. He made us fill forms, gave us equipment and handed us over to 2 snorkeling instructors cum boat operators. The husband looked at the operators, some 20 something guys and had a big doubt on their capabilities!!

Me the adventurer assured him that they must be doing this day in & day out from their teens, so chill!!

Off we went to the coral reef site in our glass bottom boat and the ride was super fast & super thrilling!! The splash of the cool sea water on our skins was refreshing; on a hot summer day it felt like icy water on our skin!!

We reached the coral reef site which was quite a distance from the beach and it looked like we were in the middle of nowhere in ocean. Anyhow, the instructors helped put up our snorkeling gear, which to us first timers looked daunting!!

And then, the moment of truth, a plunge into the sea water…the husband could not muster up courage to get down in the water from the boat and gave up halfway.

Next, it was my turn and I took a deep breath, told one of the instructor to never let go of my hand and plunged in. It was like a moment of let go, to seek the unknown. A rush came over me as I hit the ice cold waters, like an electric shock!! After the initial rush, I felt calm and looked around to see the husband up in the boat, water all around me and the smiling instructor.

Moments later, my instructor told me to do the opposite of staying afloat, try to dive down…I was less wary and promptly did that. What met my eye was a burst of colors down under; the coral reef is 10 times more beautiful in real life that what we see on Television. It is a living moving rainbow of colors and dived again and again to watch the wonderful spectacle ~ it was truly an Alive is Awesome moment for me!!

I enjoyed every moment of the time snorkeling at Bali and it inspired us to come back and learn swimming. Since then, we have snorkeled at other locations, but that first experience of Snorkeling at Bali remains an Alive is Awesome moment for both of us.

A week back, the husband while trying out the new Cinthol fresh soap commented the lively freshness and icy cool feeling of the soap reminded him of that first plunge (actually half plunge) in the sea at Bali. Trying out myself, I felt the same!!…

btw have you guys checked out the new Alive is Awesome cinthol ad, it expresses the spirit of adventure bathing really well.

Disclaimer: This is the 4th in a series of posts for the Alive is Awesome bathing experience campaign

 and the views expressed here are my own.

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  1. Sush! great post… like you I love bali… it was our honeymoon destination.. i have so many wonderful memories of that place man… you just happen to refresh them…. 🙂 and we did for the ffirst time snorkelling, undersea walk and other water sports… :cant believe a non swimmer can do all that!.. they have a great support system and superb teams..

  2. After yu mention about the beauty of the coral reef, I'm so keen to experience it myself 🙂 great blog post and thanks a lot for dropping by in our blog.
    Happy week shead!

  3. After yu describe about the coral reef, i'm just so keen to experience the feeling myself. 🙂 great post and thanx for dropping by in our blog and leaving us a comment!
    happy week ahead.


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