Well…..technically..im a delhite…as am born and brought up here….and i also think my character is most suited to this city…..i consider myself a part of delhi…..

but my parents are from west bengal…and…..there’s some part of that too in me…so whenever i go back to west bengal..and particularly..my dad’s village…it’s nice to be there..it’s a welcome break..and it brings a lot of things into perspective for me…the kind of life im leading back in the city…my ancestoral roots..how long a way my dad has travelled to reach where he is now…and most importantly ..it makes me realise the importance of being grounded in life..!!

i went off to my dad’s village for a week last week of september along with family……it’s somewhere in the east side of bengal…


the first thing i did every morning of the holiday was to just feel the openess..i mean we live in these houses…which are so restricted…the village houses….they are so open with breeze coming in….and every morning..i would go out and sit near the pond……..and let the cool breeze tingle me all over..

i would watch ..rather gaze at the green fields…for prolonged periods..which was rather funny for the villagers……

every thing has a different feel to it….food tastes different..it’s more earthy…as its cooked in clay ovens…..landscape looks clearer..and water tastes sweeter!!!………

i came back rejuvinated!!!…think i should take such breaks more often!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more. Breaks like these leave me feel rejuvinated too.

    I liked your photo’s very much and the narrative really helped to complete the picture. It sounded like a great break for you.

  2. Hi Sushmita,

    Yes, Shantaram is an amazing book. I got the same kind of kick when I read “The alchemist”. infact, I went to Leopold when I travelled last time.
    I feel great respect for you, that being born and brought up in Delhi, u still go back to ur village.People, should never forget their roots.
    Hey can we have a Mumbai blogger meet some time ?

  3. Excellent post in terms of photography and writing. Its the real part of bengal where I belong. And believe me I have travelled the distance in just few years only coz the support of my parents.
    Take care

  4. Really nice phtographs! and I know what you mean by ‘rejuvinated’!
    Your post made me rememeber a lot of things in my my life that are long gone by…..n I almost feel like talking about it….. but may be that’ll ask for a different post in my blog….
    Really nice post this one…..


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