Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary ~ A verdant green protected area in southern most part of Delhi is one of the most excellent examples of natural regeneration of land. Once an overly exploited mining area, it is now  a green forest filled with many wild animals & natural flora of Delhi Ridge.
I first got interested in this Sanctuary many years ago, when I wrote a Thesis case study in my Masters and since then have been wanting to visit it. The chance came only this year, when I along with the husband and some fellow nature lovers visited the Asola Bhatti Sanctuary on a early morning walk.
Sharing with you the beautiful moments & experience of the nature walk at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary:-
We reached quite early in the morning ( 7 a.m.) but were energized to see a group of army personnel all ready up and about doing their run on the periphery road to the Sanctuary. 
Inspired, we began our walk briskly!!
We spotted trees in full bloom and from far, sometimes it looked like a carpet of bright orange.  
We came across this huge & ancient looking banyan tree 10 minutes into our walk and it was gorgeous sight.

The Asola Bhatti Sanctuary has a number of lakes/reservoirs, which were basically deep mined areas, now filled out with water. We spotted the 1st one pretty quick into our walk.
Around this lake, there were a number of rhesus monkeys playing around and they were very curious to see us. They were not aggressive at all, however, it was best that both of our groups kept a good distance (which we did). I managed to get some candid shots of them though!!
We proceeded to our walk and after spotting a number of interesting trees on the way, we came to our 2nd lake/reservoir.

Walking ahead, we came to a sand hill and it fun getting up and down this one!! 🙂

Walking ahead and spotting a fleeting glimpse of Nilgai (blue deer), which is generic to Delhi/NCR, I got all excited!! for me, it was THE moment of the walk!!

Finally, we reached the 3rd reservoir and decided to head back from there, as it was almost 1 hour into our walk. This lake was one of the largest out of the three and we were all gobsmacked by the quiet & rugged nature in front of us!!

We walked down to the lake, and spent a considerable amount of time enjoying the beauty around us, the quiet yet pleasant sound of nature and most of all the clear & cool water of the lake!! The kids in the group & the dog just went water crazy swimming & splashing!!

Energized & refreshed, we walked back to the urban Delhi, with lots of good memories. 
I would definitely do a nature walk again in Asola Bhatti Sanctuary and if you are in this city, do make time for it too, trust me , it would be an out of the box experience!!
P.S.  – It is best to venture into Asola Bhatti in a group; though the area is protected and nearby the urban resential area, it is remote inside the sanctuary. Also, there are number of wild animals like monkeys, scorpions and nilgais in addition to the rugged terrain & thorny bushes.

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  1. Such a beautiful and natural place to enjoy nature at its best and that too so close to Delhi with so many water bodies.
    Since not many people are aware of its existence hence it is pollution free and over exposure ,but Tourism Department in Haryana and Delhi should develop it as a weekend Tourist destination with Water Sports in less dangerous water bodies.
    Life Guards should also be deployed in order to handle unforeseen accidents.

  2. Great !
    I am planning to go for a republic walk …
    i hope its going to be great ..

    is their anyother way to enter the forest without taking the permission of Govt.

    It is better to walk free and have a good feel of a place …

  3. Dear Maam.
    I went to asola wild life sanctuary on 4th Jan 2015 (Group of Six)after reading your blog on ur site. We went from tughlakabad site with a govt appointed observer. The entry into mined areas is actually banned by Haryana and Delhi Govt. Also lot of people have lost their lives while trying to bathe in those reservoirs . So I wld request you to not put the swimming photos on ur site as it may tempt people to do same and can cause them irrevocable damage .

  4. Hi,
    What a lovely place so near to my place! I live in Faridabad and had passed this place many times for the last few years without venturing inside. Your writeup was only one I found in internet on Asola Bhatti wild life sancuary. Thank you for the nice description and photos.
    Dr S K Ray

  5. Nice pictorial tour. Seems like a lovely place with a variety of treats for the trigger happy shutterbugs.

    You have great pics here but the watermark kind of spoils the beauty. You can probably make it less conspicuous if not remove altogether. Just a suggestion.


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