Those who read this blog regularly know by now that I have two great loves in life – Travel & Fashion.  I love to Travel and I love Fashion as an artistic expression of myself. So, it’s not surprising when I say that I love to travel fashionably.  Lot of people think being fashion savvy while travelling is giving up on comfort. Not really, I have combined comfort & fashion while packing for my travel wear. One of the most clever garments I have worn on my travels are the Anokhi printed Dhoti Pants; they are loose, comfy & look so chic. Here are some ways I have worn Anokhi Dhoti Pants on my travels:-
Hiking at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary – I wore these bright Anokhi Dhoti Pants on a easy hike and they served me well; the thorny bushes could not get to my legs as they got caught in the roomy folds of the dhoti pants and I was one of the few girls who did not have to apply any band aids during the hike. A pair of Ray Ban Aviators & a asymetric top from Benetton completed the look. Fashionable hiking is done like this I say!!

Forest Walk in Bhimtal  – Again I took to my trusted Anokhi Japanese Dhoti Pants while on a forest walk in Bhimtal (Uttarakhand). Since the weather was a bit chilly (though sunny), I also added a scarf from Howrah Bridge to keep myself warm & shaded from the sun at the same time. Completed the look with Ray Ban Aviators & Crocs (super comfy).

Road Trip to Haridwar – I do a lot of road trips and my choice of comfy fashionable wear is most always dhoti pants. Here, I am wearing Indigo Print Dhoti Pants from Anokhi while having breakfast with Ronald McDonald at a drive thru.
So, do you still think one cannot be fashionable & comfortable while travelling ? Or one can be a fashion savvy traveler, by just thinking a bit smart ?

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  1. Dhoti is part of our culture from centuries. Its really very comfortable in Indian whether, especially if you need to walk on a track or you have day on legs. Dhoti will be really a nice idea. Anokhi known for their fine cotton fabric with decoration of tradition Block print art with vegetable dies.Thanks for nice post.

  2. Hi Star! Hope you are having a superb summer!
    Sorry for the absence, but 2013 has been even worse than 2012… Anyhow, enjoy the blues of Grenada, and have a great vacation, if you can manage!!
    All the best!


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