Anokhi always comes out with awesome dresses in each of their print collections (and I happen to own quite a few of them). I fell in love with Anokhi’s Emerald Forest Collection print the moment I saw it and bought myself a gorgeous anarkali style dress from this collection. I wore the Anokhi Anarkali Dress on Day 4 of Durga Puja with a really bold customized statement necklace from RuHH.

Dress: Anokhi
Bag: Hidesign
Necklace: RuHH
Watch: Espirit
Flats: Catwalk
The highlight of the look is the awesomely bold RuHH statement necklace which was made to order by the lovely Debarpita (owner of RuHH); I just showed her the dress online and she did the rest; it was totally perfect (and I am in love with RuHH). The necklace attracted a lot of attention from everybody, including a gentleman in my building who simply forgot to press his floor button while in the lift with me, coz he was admiring the necklace! (yeah he sheepishly admitted that to me too!!)
This outfit post is the last of my Durga Puja looks series (check out other outfit posts here, here and here). Overall, I had a lot of fun dressing up for the Durga puja festivities this year and hope you loved all my outfits too.

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