One of the most profound (or impactful) impressions of any destination, especially a different country , that a traveler forms comes from the hotel he or she stays in. For me, one of the best ways I experienced the hospitality of Bangkok, Thailand was in the form of staying at the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. My company paid for the stay this time but if I had to choose any hotel on my own, I woud definitely choose this.
Sharing my experiences from the stay at Anantara siam Bangkok Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.


I loved the architecture, interiors and the wide courtyard space that the hotel has on first sight!!

The room I got was cosy and very aesthetically decorated with old world touches.

I totally loved the way they had incorporated nature, in the form of fish pools, meandering waterfalls and open coutryard where birds would fly in during the day. I spent a lot of time in the evening gazing at the fishes.

However, the best part of my stay was the hospitality of the staff. It was incredible!! Evrytime, I enquired about anything, they went out of their way to ensure I got the right information and service. Like if I had to sight see a particular destination, they not only told me correctly how to go, when to go, what to expect but also provided me the guide map. All the sight seeing I did was all thanks to the perfect instructions of the Anantara hotel staff.

Totally recommending Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel if you want to visit Bangkok!!

~ Happy Travels~

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