Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural center of sikhism in the world. It also has been focal point of indian freedom struggle.People from all over india and the world travel here to visit Golden Temple and enjoy the cultural & historical potpourri the city has to offer.
however, this was not the reason the husband wanted to visit this place…his reason was only one = food!!!..
and with an extended weekend (Thursday being official holiday for both), we hit upon the idea to visit Amritsar and eat n eat!!….also it was a welcome break for me from the fitness routine i am currently on (don’t get me wrong, i love eating healthy and exercising, but once in a while its great to take mini break from both!!!)
Amritsar is a food lover’s delight, it offers both vegetarians and non vegetarians lots to offer!!
So with food on our minds, we started on our journey….
Rains welcomed us in Ludhiana, two stops before our final destination and we are a bit skeptical about weather playing spoiler…but getting down at Amritsar, we were relived to find a bright and sunny day!!

Our hotel was located bang opposite the golden temple and we enjoyed lovely views from our terrace.

Our first stop, Jalianwala Bagh-an important event in indian freedom struggle, it was great to see that our historical heritage being preserved in an aesthetic manner.

Coming out of Jalianwala Bagh, we promptly hit the food trail, having kulfi followed by huge glasses of lassi!!
Note: We had tons and tons of lassi during our whole trip, from the many lassi shops (yupps, there are special shops serving only that!!)

Next Morning, we made a visit to Sri Harminder Sahib, also known as Golden Temple. the experience was deeply spiritual. The suji halwa prasad (semolina dessert offering) at the temple is out of this world, the taste lingers on for years.

We also made a visit to Wagah border (the border demarcating India and Pakistan in the Punjab state), where every evening Indian Border Security Force(BSF) from India and Pakistan Rangers from Pakistan hold a joint flag down ceremony.
It was a wonderful patriotic experience and the BSF does a commendable job in organizing such a daily event.
Some snap shots of the event below.

Now coming to food…our main focus of this trip…we had lots of good food and my tummy almost gave away on day 2 of trip due to the overload, but i managed to hold my own!!
I have already told about the kulfi and lassis…now here’s the main stuff!!..
Roasted spicy corn @ wagah border – simple n delicious!!
Chole Puri @ Kanha’s Restaurant, Lawrence Road Amritsar – amazing breakfast , followed by tall glass of Lassi at Punjabi Lassi house(pic not taken)
after this meal, i promptly went back to my hotel room & slept for 3 hours, it such a monster!!!

Thali @ Kesar da dhaba at Chowk Passian – totally wonderful dinner at this place, the dal fry is to die for!!
Kesar da dhaba is a legendary eat out which opened in 1916 in Lahore and shifted to Amritsar during partition, they prepare and serve food the same way since they opened and it’s a big hit!!

Malpuwe (an indian sweet dish) at a local confectionery in chowk Passian.

Kulche @ choongi Kulchewala at Lawrence road – the best kulcha i’ve ever had!!

the last but the best, Langar (community kitchen) food at golden temple, it’s served free to all the devotees who come here and around 50,000 people are fed every day..but the quality remains the same and it’s one the best meals i’ve had.

There were many more places on our must eat list but we coudn’t make it, not due to limitation of time , but due to limitation of our tummy’s !!!
some of the places which we left out, but nevertheless are very famous for food
1. Gurudas Ram Jalebiwala – amazing jalebis (a type of sweet dish), at katra ahluwalia
2. Parkash Meat shop – wonderful chicken, behind choongi kulchewala shop at Lawrence road
3. Beera chicken – wonderful chicken
4. Crystal Restaurant – good non-veg delicacys at Lawrence road.
so, I would recommend Amritsar to all food lovers!!..
Go there now!!!! eat eat n eat some more!!!!!!
p.s – Me being a shopaholic, also did some shopping there, but for the first time, food was our main focus for the whole trip!!!.

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  1. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity regarding unexpected emotions.

  2. Hi,Sush-I thought I commented on this post-guess I didn't..:)Great trip that must've been..and,I think I put on a few grams,just reading about and seeing pics of those scrumptious snacks.:)(the veggie ones.:))

  3. Hi Star! I’m back!! One week off, one week to deal with the mess created by the absence, a birthday almost no one noticed and a weekend to rest a little bit…

    Come on; I've to start my diet right away… How can I make it this way? ;))

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter Two is enjoying a fabulous hotel: the Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda!! Enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

  4. FOOOOODD!!!!
    i really shouldn't talk, listen or see anything thats related to food. i am at moment eating 'wannabe' foods. as in they pretend to me food but just are some edible stuff..

    anyways.. i have been to wagah from the other side of the border. i so want to go from this side and complete my wagah border experience.

  5. going by ur post…. i have only one desire… not to satiate my stomach, rather for my camera..

    i bet its a photographer's paradise.. though i am not one…. but would definitely try to go there one day to capture the vibe of that place

    a very nice post as usual

  6. Very nice and beautiful pictures. I am feeling hungry seeing the delicious food. I have been to Amritsar about 4 years before and was remembering my trip while reading your post. It was a great experience to visit Wagah Border and I liked Golden temple very much.


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