Alwar is a lesser known destination in the tourist favorite state of Rajasthan, India. It’s located around 180 km from  Delhi, in the heart of Aravalli mountain ranges and has a wildlife sanctuary. It other words, it makes for a perfect weekend holiday destination from Delhi. 
We visited Alwar on extended weekend while returning back from Pushkar and the outing here was a mixture of fun, disappointments and some discoveries.
We absolutely loved the lush post monsoon greenery of the hills surrounding Alwar. On the first day, we went for a drive to the Sariska Wildlife sanctuary, which was closed but we drove up to the Sariska Palace, which was a huge disappointment as even to enter the premises one had to pay 500 bucks..not interested!!

Alwar is a former princely state and has many palaces and historical monuments. One of the prominent palaces is the city palace which is now the district court. It is open to all public and we went there with high hopes.
Well, the city palace was in bad state, having been used as a district court in the first place and not been maintained properly by the government.

Behind the City Palace was a cenotaph of the most famous king & his queen of the erstwhile royal family of Alwar. Known as Moosi Rani ki Chattri, it was a lovely monument and devoid of crowds. we spent a lot of time at the place. However, like the city palace, it hasn’t been maintained as well as it should be.

Siliserh is a beautiful lake in Alwar, offering amazing views and soft breeze. It was wonderful spending time at the lake and we had some friendly goats for company.

We wanted to visit Bala Quila (fort)  and drove out of the city to visit the fort, unfortunately the main road upto it was damaged. Whilst we were sitting disappointed  our driver suggested a relatively lesser known heritage property-Dadhikar fort , which was another 20 minutes away. With  nothing better to do in the day, we thought might as well go!!
Driving through the village roads, coming across crops in full season, we were really enjoying our ride to Dadhikar fort.

Soon, a winding village path brought us to a quaint looking fort and the very sight of it was soothing.
We parked our car in the driveway and walked upto this heritage property, which has been converted into a hotel. The manager was a friendly guy who welcomed us and told us that the fort had been restored around a year back and presently it received guests. He showed us around the property and I really loved the interiors of this pretty little property.

The Dadhikar fort offers some amazing views of the Aravallis along with friendly laidback hospitality and is a good option for a weekend break from Delhi.
After high tea at the Fort, we came back to our hotel, but could not stop talking about it. 
Dadhikar Fort was our wonderful discovery in Alwar.
Alwar had been a trip of disappointments for the most part, but the wonderful discovery of thr Dadhikar Fort more than made up for it. I would be going there soon. 

Till then ~ reminiscing with this amazing view of the Aravallis from the fort.

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  1. Alwar is a beautiful gem in the aravalis… places may be lesa developed,but the drive through alwar and the people of alwar make up for it. Bala kila is really good… I have lived in alwar fir almost 5 years… and I adore that small town. Go back with fewer expectations and I promise u … you're going to come back a happy person.

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  3. The landscape around Alwar is beautiful, and you have captured it very well in your photos. I'm sorry about the condition of the palaces (and the high price of entry), but the fort does look like an amazing discovery.

  4. Its disappointing to see that the charges for the palace are set so high, no wonder the structure is
    standing in a poor shape.

    Nevertheless, the place is beautiful and the sights of the hills are gorgeous! Glad you could tread the off the beaten track and discover a gem, the dadhikar palace sounds real fascinating!

  5. 500 bucks from locals is too much by any standards if the monuments are not even maintained properly.

    But then you've really brought out the best of Alwar. The landscape, and the hills, the lake is captivating.

  6. Siliserh is a nice place. In the weekends it gets a bit crowded. Did you do boating there?

    Sariska was closed like all other tiger reserves, due to Supreme Court ban. Now, that the ban has been lifted one can visit there. However, even during the ban on saturdays and mondays they used to allow people to go upto the temple in pandupole. One can see animals while driving on this road.

  7. Stunning pictures of Alwar. You have really brought out the essence and flavour of Alwar – the lovely landscape,the charming hills & surrounding greenery,the captivating lake & fort,the wonderful palace architecture. And looks like you splendid and sunny weather too. Siliserh & Moosi Rani ki Chattri are superb.
    Great post.Have a great weekend. Ram

  8. Beautiful pictures and interesting commentary. Sad to note that none of the structures are properly maintained and they charge you 500/- for entry into the palace!!!!!
    Anyway the fallout was you discovered Dadhikar fort! Great!!


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