Delhi, having a long history of almost continous settlement since ancient times, has an interesting architecture & urban landscape. One can find ancient monuments next to spanking new skyscrapers.
I love discovering & visiting such lesser known heritage monuments in my city. Agrasen ki baoli was one such monument I wanted to visit for a long time but could not make it due to various reasons. So, when I joined a new office in Lutyens Delhi area which is located close to the monument, I lost no time in visiting Agrasen ki baoli. I loved the calm, laidback ambiance of this place & would be coming back here a lot. Sharing some images of my maiden visit to Agrasen ki Baoli.

Agrasen ki Baoli (or Ugrasen ki baoli) is an ancient stepwell located in Connaught Place, Delhi (which is the Central Business District of Lutyens Delhi). It is a protected monument under Archeological Survey of India. I won’t go into history of this place(which one can very easily google). I liked that being in the very heart of Delhi and in middle of the institutional buzz of the capital, this place is so well hidden and yet so easily accessible. 

If you are intyerested to visit, Agrasen ki baoli is located in Hailay Road, in Hailey Lane within the Connaught Place CBD.  




When I visited the monument, it was lunch time and in the autumn sun, many officer goers & college students were taking a break. I captured few interesting moments before I walked back to my office.


Agrasen ki Baoli is not spectacular but it is pretty & calm. So go there if you want some moments of quiet in the city.

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  1. I was browsing through the blogs on Indivine, when I came across yours. I must say that this is not just the more logical blog, but also the most beautiful one! I really liked your posts about these nooks and corners in Delhi that are lost in the rush of the city 🙂

  2. Nice pics! The baoli does seem like a part of history cut away from the mad rush in other parts of CP. I think it's best visited in the morning, when it's calm and other visitors have still not arrived. I revisited the baoli recently on a Saturday afternoon, and it was quite crowded! Still, it's good for spending some time sitting on the steps and clicking some lovely pics. 🙂

  3. You know what?! I visited it once when I was in Delhi, but came back immediately as it didn't appeal to me at all! Besides, I was put off by the (loafers)young love-birds who hideaway to…

  4. Yes. Certainly, one of the must visit monuments in Delhi. When in delhi, plan a combo trip to Jantar Mantar & Ugrasen ki Baoli (both are in the same region – CP)

    While at this place, take two shots which are must – first one from right there at the top (1st step) and other one right there at the bottom (last step – bear the smell though at last place because of insects in water.)

  5. That's wonderful that this place is near your work place. I would have a long at break at this kind of place. Too bad I wasn't adventurous enough at that time I went to Delhi. My husband had to drag me to go to see the Taj Mahal, let alone this beautiful monument, lol!



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